STN NorthPenn Teams Information
You are on your way to becoming a better Player!
STN NorthPenn Teams represent the club at all age and grade levels U9-U19
2018/2019  BU 10  12 14 16  19  GU 9 11 13 14 15 16 17 19
Teams will be grade specific as much as possible. Team formation will be dependant upon the number and quality of players
that attend try-outs and commit to play for the STN NorthPenn team they are selected to.
STN Players register each year in May/June and receive 12 months of soccer related activities.
Players interested in playing for STN NorthPenn must attend at least one training session/ try-out before the end of May prior to placement.
You register for a session / try-out via email at [email protected]

Items needed following tryout and roster placement offer and prior to being accepted on your team...
 USClub Soccer form
STN Waiver form
these forms are required in full and are distributed on invitation acceptance

ALL activity at the Pitches in Milton unless noted.
During the summer months of June and July to facilitate new players/teams/vacations.

 Offered weekly throughout the year from August -  May both indoors and outdoors at the Pitches in Milton.
Two Training sessions each week  (one per week November & December)
U15 - U19 attend HS programs in the fall and return to STN when their HS season is concluded.
U13-U14 attend Middle school programs in preference to STN and then return when school soccer is concluded.
That's multiple months of training...well over 60 professional training sessions for each team!
Programmed around the varying age groups and school soccer calendars.
Offered throughout the year & customized for the best learning and development opportunities -  based on ability and competitive level.
Each Team will have an Outdoor Tournament in November, December, April, May, June & July ...within an approx. 5 hour radius.
Leagues will be included where appropriate.
Additional friendlies and college exhibition games will supplement.

Following your $25 Registration fee your 12 month club fees are $750 U8-U12 & $1,000 U13 and above.
A $300 deposit is  followed by $70 monthly payments.
There is a 10% discount in fees for each additional sibling.
*There is an additional fee for tournaments - entry fee and coaches expenses split between attending players.
Two game jerseys, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of game socks are required of each player and are purchased from the club store.

Our directors of coaching have years of college coaching and recruiting experience and are associated with
a large network of colleagues across the country at all NCAA and NAIA levels.
Free assistance in contact letters, player profiles and calls/letters of recommendation.
You could pay hundreds of dollars alone for this FREE assistance and guidance.
​​There are a number of things to consider when it comes to selecting a Youth Soccer Club and Coach. “Fun, Enjoyment, Coaching, Leadership,Education and the player becoming a better player should be the biggest components!”

What is the history? What have they done with their past teams? “Some coaches will say come play for us because we have good team, but ultimately the coach should answer how they are going to make the players better.”

These include whether the coach simply monitors training or actively engages and teaches his or her players.

The environment the player will be surrounded in should be a key factor when making a decision.

Are you going to be challenged and pushed to higher levels of performance while not sacrificing the core values of true sportsmanship and ethics and is the training environment a safe, enjoyable and rewarding one?” All too often the decision process focuses too much on who is a member of what league and how much clout a particular parent carries and how many tournaments you are going to win rather than who is developing soccer players to their utmost ability.
Rob Eaton has a 17 year track record of improving players performance and providing a top quality player development program for all levels of players within STN.

Over 300 college players, 28 All State players and several H.S. State Champion Teams are products of Eaton’s training methods. With an additional 18 years of college coaching experience and associated relationships in addition to his STN track record - your soccer future is in excellent and professional hands.

With  STN NorthPenn  you will get the finest training and management and develop your game with appropriate training, games, Legauesand tournaments.

Your alternative to the usual parent-coached singular team with boring, monotonous and repetitive or even NO training and education is the STN year-round program.

Be a member of a club with clear philosophies and objectives that has the best intentions for EVERY player & not a member of an individual team driven by a single parent's ambition.

"When choosing a club, team and a coach - you should focus on the coaching and the right environment to make the child a better soccer player and better person."